Wind Band  / CHACONNE Partita No.2 by Bach

CHACONNE from Partita No.2 for solo violin in D minor BWV.1004 

Johann Sebastian Bach / Orchestrated by ITO Yasuhide                    buy sheet music

Chaconne is a form of ancient dance, one of many variations. Bach adopted the form and transformed it into a grand ten-minute masterpiece that features a solo violin. This work has seemingly inspired many composers after him. Brahms and Busoni, for example, have arranged the piece for the piano. There are also arrangements for string orchestras.

This summer, I myself have written an arrangement featuring the saxophone, too. This rendition for the wind band was originally written in 1987. A friend had suggested that I could start the piece with three trombones, which gave me enough inspiration to go about the process then. At that time, as I had particular interest in Schönberg’s Klangfarbenmelodie (melody of tone colors), I have applied intricate details to the orchestration of this piece. While this arrangement was abbreviated to a little more than 60 percent of its original length, its golden ratio construction is being retained.

ITO Yasuhide (Program for Symphonic Brass Kapelle concert on December 2005)

CHACONNE for Saxophone Quartet                  

Johann Sebastian Bach / Orchestrated by ITO Yasuhide               buy sheet music