Works for Orchestra

The Tale of the Blackened Canteen

Opera in Two Acts

Composed: Mar, 2019

Premiere May 31, 2019
AMO, Opera in 2 acts

Composed: Feb, 2015

Premiere Feb 13, 2015
Gloriosa (Gururiyoza), Symphonic Poem for Orchestra

Composed: 2007

Publisher: Ongakuno-tomo
Commissioned Argovia Philharmonic / Douglas Bostock
Premiere Mar , 2008
Argovia Philharmonic / Douglas Bostock , Aarau Switzerland
Concerto per Flauto d'amore ed Archi ossia Concerto per Flauto ed Archi

Composed: Dec, 2005
Instrument: Fl. 2Vn. 2Va. Vc. Cb. Hrp. Timp
Duration: 17:00

Premiere Jan 10, 2006
Story of One Thousand Broken Musical Instruments

Composed: Jan 30, 2003
Instrument: Orch. Nar.
Duration: 12:00

Mr. Cinderella, opera in 2 acts

Composed: Jun 08, 2001
Instrument: Orch.
Duration: 120

Premiere Aug 25, 2001
Festal Scenes, for Orchestra

Composed: Aug 26, 1999
Instrument: Orch.
Duration: 6:00

Publisher: TRN Music Publisher
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Premiere Jul 27, 2000
Saxphone Concerto   [Sax. Orch.]

Concerto Saxophone alto et orchestre

Composed: Jul 18, 1988
Instrument: Sax.(Alto) Orch.
Duration: 12:00

Publisher: Henry Lemoine
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Premiere Aug 12, 1989

Composed: 1982
Instrument: Orch.
Duration: 11:00

Il bacio di Tosca (by G. Puccini) [Sax. Orch.]

Fantasy for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra

Instrument: A-Sax. Orch

CD: ARIAS  -Sugawa Nobuya- (AVCL-25192)

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